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The Rube
01-09-2015, 10:41 PM
You know them well. To their credit, they couldn't offer me free HBO because I already have free HBO, free Showtime and free Starz from other phone calls in my two years as a customer. All of these channels for free for at least another 4+ months. But hey, it wouldn't surprise me if they tried to offer me something I already have because they clearly don't know what I have.
Ryan J

It took me two weeks, them frying my modem, about a dozen phone calls, and a tech visit just to cancel all but the basic of basic cable and up my internet to the highest speed.

01-09-2015, 10:51 PM
Their 3rd party equipment collections contractor still calls me daily, in spite of the fact that I mailed the box back to them the day before my service was turned off and they received it almost a month ago now. I used the option where you can take the equipment to any UPS Store and they mail it back at no charge and you have the tracking number to prove it. Yet in spite of all this, they still call every day asking when I will return it. Everyday I give them the same tracking number and they say they confirm it has been received and that I will be removed from the list...
You just can make up this kind of stuff. I had Charter to 10+ years in WI and they were no better.
Ryan J

01-10-2015, 12:09 PM
we tried to activate our Comcast account in Breck this fall. no go. Comcast lines don't run that far up the road. really? two years ago we had an active account and two neighbors further up the road currently have it. could you check again and get us hooked up? not until the snow is gone and we can check if the line really does go up that far. please? the neighbors have it. no. something is wrong with a business model where the customer has to beg the company to take their money. forget it.

01-10-2015, 12:27 PM
You know them well. To their credit, they couldn't offer me free HBO because I already have free HBO, free Showtime and free Starz from other phone calls in my two years as a customer. All of these channels for free for at least another 4+ months. But hey, it wouldn't surprise me if they tried to offer me something I already have because they clearly don't know what I have.
Ryan J

I am so sorry for your loss, but your chat was the flippin' funniest thing I've read all week. Thanks for sharing.

Twitch Boy
01-10-2015, 12:30 PM
Comcast: not even once.

01-10-2015, 09:04 PM
5-6-1 in last 12 games, under .500 and season on the brink IMO, we could be looking at a team falling apart here.

01-10-2015, 09:14 PM
They played from behind most of the night, unfortunately. Not sure what it will take to break out of this funk, but I agree with bose, it's time to admit they are slumping.

01-10-2015, 09:16 PM
We probably deserved that after the two soft goals we gave up in the 1st. Sucks though, I think we're a team somewhere between the 10-0 start and the 5-6-1 in the last 12 games.
L'Esperance was impressive tonight I thought, some great chances.

Mel's postgame thoughts:
We had great chances, but have to finish, we have to learn how to finish games
Couldn't block shots tonight, for some reason we were hesitant to get in shooting lanes at point
Wont win many games giving up 5 goals
Refs did a good job, well played clean game, we have to get better on PK
Didn't like either goal, Jamie has given up some goals Mel doesn't like, he has to work on some things
We fought our way back, but can't dig ourselves a hole like that
Good to have Gould back with his goal
No Neville, Johnstone, Leibinger, we need to get healthy, we can't too low, need to move forward
Great crowd, big series next weekend, 7PM and 5PM starts

Twitch Boy
01-10-2015, 09:31 PM
Well, only one thing to say about tonight's proceedings...


01-10-2015, 09:47 PM
Well, only one thing to say about tonight's proceedings...


Is it wrong/sad to say that I missed McRonald?

01-11-2015, 08:17 AM
It's easy to be discouraged after that performance. A number of good teams are having problems, but that doesn't excuse ours. It seems we simply are not good enough. Not enough focus, not enough hard work, and too much reading our press reports.

It's hard to tell what we will do game to game and though some guys have gotten better, some other guys have gotten worse. The pk, which has been good, suddenly wasn't. The blocked shots weren't there, the total effort wasn't at the level of earlier in the year, and we are out of the top 16.

I understand that you have up's and downs, and it's natural to not be your best every game, but ...

01-11-2015, 03:30 PM
The boys looked a little gun shy last night to me, maybe they need to get used to more physical teams. They'll probably see more of the same from BG, right? It also wouldn't surprise me if some of them had been sick this week, a couple of our senior leaders looked very tired at times not to mention Jamie looking half asleep. Looking for a rebound weekend to stay in the home playoff bracket.
I prefer to look at the bright side: Joel L'Esperance, wow. He is really coming along and his upside is enormous if he can quicken his step as he grows into that body.

Broseph Stalin
01-11-2015, 10:42 PM
5-6-1 in last 12 games, under .500 and season on the brink IMO, we could be looking at a team falling apart here.

We have 8 straight at home and there's no reason we can't take them all. Now if Bowling Green comes in and manhandles us then we're probably screwed. I think Mel does some magic this week and we get rolling again.

Steman and L'Esperance both look like studs out there. That's pretty awesome.

01-12-2015, 08:10 AM
Well, that was fun while it lasted. Maybe next year.

Time to start rooting for my betting slip to be worth $500.

Shirtless Guy
01-12-2015, 11:14 AM
This coming weekend is huge in many ways, continues the 9 game homestand that started saturday and it gives MTU a chance to get a victory over a quality opponent, if BGSU vs MTU was the only series this coming weekend and MTU managed to sweep, MTU would climb back to 9th in PWR.

01-12-2015, 04:36 PM
Whoever emailed about the early use of the timeout, good question. I was wondering the same thing. There's been quite a few games recently Mel's used the early timeout, good to hear his reasoning.

Mel Pearson Show summary for 1-12:
Well played games, entertaining, the 1 goal games are going against us now, UW, MI, UMD, Mankato, we're in them, but we're not winning or finding a way to lose them
We're not playing different, outshooting teams, carrying play, but goals against are rising, and PK has not been good last 6 games, kind of go hand in hand
Early in year we were blocking shots, OT winner for NMU, we were in position but nobody wanted to block shot
Starts from net out, correct those things and we'll win again
On Phillips: Did not like either Sat goal, we're giving up goals from far out, not near the net, 4 on Sat were well out on top of circles
There's no goalie controversy, he's played well, we just need to get refocused
It's not broken, wont get rid of your car for a flat tire, will fix it and back on the road cruising soon
NMU leading goal scorer gets 2 on us, from well outside Grade A scoring chance, we have some drills to see who can get in front of a puck and block it
You know when you have a good team, we need to correct some things, we knew there'd be some bounces/breaks that go against us, we know how to win, we'll correct it and get ready for BGSU

On Friday:
0-1, NMU PPG, until the penalty we were best team by far, weak penalty, Heinonen, very incidental contact, ref had said they'd call contact, they trying to establish presence in game
1-1, Kero from Petan, good bounce back less than 1 min later, perfect pass to Kero, can't say enough about Kero, fabulous year, Petan a really good year too
1-2, NMU goal with 9 secs left in 1st, poor puck management, we don't get it deep, they rush back the other way
Overall 2nd period, not a lot going on, have to work harder to get to the net on olympic sheet, we had the puck a lot, they defend well, have people back so no rushes etc
1-3, backdoor play, CJ Eick dropped stick, went to pick it up, opened up a passing lane for NMU, good read by them, one of 2 goals all weekend we gave up a close in goal, no chance for Jamie
NMU goes on 5 min major, Watson out, Pietila 10 min game misconduct, Neville out with injury - find out a lot about our team
Re: Watson major, the head of refs was at the game, thought it was a good hit, linesman made the call, have to make sure as a ref you saw it, it's a judgment
Have to be careful and be sure you saw what you saw, both refs saw the play, neither called a penalty, the only reason play stopped is NMU guys is hurt, called hit to the head, but NMU guy hurt his hip, was key to kill 5 min major
NMU gets 5 min major, he had kneed 2 other guys, 1st shift of game, then they called trip, then kneeing
2-3, Heinonen from Petan,Heinonen not afraid to stand in front of net, that's where he's getting goals
3-3 on 5x3, Hanna from Petan, Petan/Kero playing exceptionally well
Hanna is elusive on blueline, want him to get puck on net more, a little like last year, took off in 2nd half last year
Sturos had a great chance to win it, he's been a little snake bitten, last year he'd tap it in and game over, didn't get all of it on his stick, credit though he drove net etc, just didn't finish

On Saturday:
Fantastic crowd, they do make a difference and get energy into our team
These 2 games coming up might be the biggest games with WCHA standing and PWR, will need a good crowd
The 2nd period was a lot of fun, scoring 4 goals helps, made goaltending change, didn't like the goals and we needed a shot of something, Matt made a huge save early to help get us going
0-1, Payne, over top of circle, good shot/bad goal
0-2, late in 1st, sting going into intermission, for most part we carried play, momentum/our team deflated
1-2, Heinonen, same spot as Friday, in front of the net, he can score, good around the net
2-2, Steman from Eick, Steman drove to the net, he's got great speed, he'll continue to play well for us and pick up big goals
3-2, Gould PPG, one-timer, big time shot, good puck movement, Petan puts the puck in perfect spot for Gould
Could've used Gould Friday, but no Leibinger, Johnstone, Neville on Saturday, need to get guys healthy, hopefully full line up this weekend
3-3, NMU PPG, poor coverage, got lead, then take penalty right after that, Steman roughing, basically for following through on a shot
4-3, Baltus, they can review if it was an off-sides, liensman said he wasn't sure if he blew it by not calling off-sides, so that is what was reviewed, letting linesman get too involved in the game
Look where we're getting goals, right in front, Baltus, Heinonen, Kero, Steman, working hard, getting to gritty area, but we're giving up goals from perimeter, needs to change, have to force teams to earn goals
4-4, NMU PPG, Eick off for weak cross-check, good PK until last 20 secs, Neville out, Steman/Eick in penalty box, top PKers out, should've blocked shot, played too soft on top guy
It was a soft shot, had a guy out on point, but not lining himself up between stick and net
4-5 NMU OT goal, it might've gone off Kero foot, have to block that shot, we'll work on shot blocking this week, we had chances, Eick all alone, Petan great chance too from Baltus but Dahlstrom huge save
Thought we played pretty dang well, did a lot of good things, worked hard for our goals, one of those nights, anytime you give up 5 it'll be hard to win, have to tighten it up, PK, goaltending, block shots etc
Have to be careful, took penalties just after we scored, hard to get momentum, we're beating ourselves, that's fixable, making crtical mistakes
Like this team, 5 1 goals losses, 1 2 goal excluding ENG, we've been in every game

7:07 Friday, 5:07 Saturday due to the bridge closing at 9PM
These might be 2 of most entertaining games, close games last year, they're good, top 5 in PWR, have not lost since Nov 14
They're 1 pt behind in standing, and this is only series this year
We have 8 home games, great crowd, need to finish these games, up 4-3 need to learn how to finish, part is penalties, take advantage of opportunities too

Live from Econo foods Wed, thanks to them, 500 youth tickets available starting at noon for a giveaway

Questions for Mel:
How does a goalie change spark a team?
Good question, watched MN/MI game, all 4 goalies got to play in that game. Sends a message to a team, not happy with how things are.

Would you support a policy to allow refs to consult video for 5 min major/misconduct penalties?
Don't want to ref by vide and slow game down. Sometimes video isn't that clear. So no.

Mel likes guys with speed. Are incoming recruits guys that can burry it?
Boeing is playing well. Jake Jackson is putting up numbers. He was out a bit with concussion, was in top 10 in BCHL scoring.
Another young man can't be talked about having a good year in BCHL.
We want that speed, but need guys that know what to do with the puck.

What percentage of Grade A chances should a team score on?
Mel would say all, but good question, it's more of how many you're creating. Shows you if you're getting to the scoring areas, then can see what you're doing once you're in the scoring areas.

NMU put heavy pressure on the points & aggressive on forecheck, can you do that in your system?
NMU does a good job on PK Fri, they weren't as aggressive Sat, we like to play aggressive.
Last 3 games on Olympic you can't be as aggressive might've affected us, especially Sat, need to be more aggressive.

Do you have drills to practice clearing puck when outlet passes are not available?
Yes, either on faceoff or break out. In game it's puck management. Got a little sloppy with puck, even on winning goal we threw it around boards right to NMU dman.

Do you have evidence of calling a timeout game early in game is correct call?
We've used quite a few of those this year. Sometimes you get a sense of how tired those players are and don't like matchup. Once you have a long shift, it's hard to recover from that.
So that's why Mel uses it early.
Dirk used to question it but noted, if you don't use it, you might not ever use it.
Like to save it, but have to read situation. If you call TO, you can change players.

We haven't gained momentum by our home games, now we have back to back home games. Can gain momentum and get on a roll.

Shout out to Red at MI, 800th win.
Thanks to the fans for all their support.

01-12-2015, 04:37 PM
Are people assuming Devin Kero is redshirting at this point?

01-13-2015, 12:55 PM
Bump off Page 2. I saw these quotes from the most recent recruit. I assume this is the guy Mel mentioned yesterday that he can't talk about as there's no NLI.


Trail Smoke Eaters linemates Charlie Zuccarini and Jake Lucchini received early Christmas presents from NCAA colleges over the Christmas break.

Lucchini committed to Michigan Tech University Huskies while Zuccarini will head to Arizona State to play for the Sun Devils in the 2015-16 season.

Lucchini talked to the Michigan Tech University recruiter at about 4 p.m. on Christmas Eve and agreed to attend the NCAA Div. 1 school in Houghton, Mich.

“I’m really excited,” said Lucchini. “I’ve been talking to them for a little bit, and then a week ago they offered me a scholarship, and I accepted it. I am excited, my family’s really excited, it was a good Christmas dinner.”

A scholarship to play in the NCAA is the goal of every player in the BCHL, and has been for the Trail native since beginning his junior career with the Smoke Eaters two years ago. But this season, the 19-year-old forward made giant strides on and off the ice, as Lucchini has netted 18 goals and 27 assists and currently sits one point behind Zuccarini for top spot in scoring on the Smokies. The two forwards are currently in eighth and ninth spots overall in the BCHL points scoring race.

“It has been my goal, ever since I was 17, my first year in the league. I had a slow start to my junior career, and kind of picked it up and it’s something that I really wanted.”

Lucchini trained hard in the off-season and his efforts have paid dividends, making him bigger and stronger, and able to compete with the best players in the league.

“I worked out in Castlegar and that really helped me out, with Jeremy, my brother, Scott (Davidson) and Craig (Martin), we kind of pushed each other and it worked out really well.”

Michigan Tech was ranked as high as Number 1 in NCAA Div. 1 hockey earlier this year, but a 2-0 loss to the now 2-11-1 Wisconsin Badgers on Saturday, despite outshooting them 47-19, has dropped the Huskies to Number 8 in the Pair Wise Rankings. But a Top-10 school in a relatively small community attracted Lucchini and sealed the deal for the former Major Midget Kootenay Ice player on Christmas Eve.

“They have a really good hockey program, obviously their schooling is through the roof too, and they’re one of the best teams in the country right now, and I wanted to be on a winning team so it was an easy decision – and I was talking to the guy and he said it was like the size of Trail.”

Lucchini will join former Smoke Eater Brent Baltus on the Huskies and ex-Merritt Centennial Dane Birks son of former Smoke Eater coach Bill Birks.

Shirtless Guy
01-13-2015, 01:22 PM
Bump off Page 2. I saw these quotes from the most recent recruit. I assume this is the guy Mel mentioned yesterday that he can't talk about as there's no NLI.


Yup, posted about Lucchini right before Christmas.

Michigan Tech adds another forward, Jake Lucchini who plays for Trail in the BCHL. Currently on the leader board for the league with 41 pts in 33 games.
He should be an impact player, either join the huskies next season or the year after.

Shirtless Guy
01-13-2015, 01:23 PM
At this point, I'm really intrigued to see when Blacklock and Anderson get a chance to play. I wonder if they're healthy, and if they are, why they haven't been given a chance yet.