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11-23-2014, 04:20 AM
Tech moved the puck really well, just could not generate enough of the grade A type of chances needed to best Williams. He played awesome. Petan showed his sniper abilities tonight.

Need to continue now to rack up points and take points from a very tough BG team to offset these points lost.
Pietila was great tonight, I am anxious to see if Vallis is in at Huntsville.
We need more secondary scoring and he needs a look. The team will learn from the compete level this weekend and be better the rest of the way.

Also, Roy and Leibinger were very good rushing the puck all night. D as a whole need to start generating some offense.

11-23-2014, 05:51 AM
What bothers me is the way Mankato approached the game. They got under our skin and caused what, 7 or 8 penalties. We can't allow other teams, who are doing things to us, to get an advantage like that and expect to win games. Plus it really limits our chances to score goals.I mean that's a lot of time in the box and not so much 5 on 5. I think we will see that approach again.

I was expecting, based on Mel's comments after friday, to see a few new guys, and we only got one change. I also think it's an advantage to change a few out because you get fresh legs, so I was a little surprised that we changed so few players out.

I agree that it removes the target from our backs, and I would expect our guys to be better going forward. We have to beat teams of this caliber if we are to get to the playoffs.
I thought that jamie was not quite as sharp as other games, especially on the second goal.

11-23-2014, 02:21 PM
Hats off the Mankato. They were the better team. A little more high end skill than Tech. Good series to watch.

11-24-2014, 11:02 AM
Friday's game could have been ugly, Mankato missed at least 4 wide open nets that I counted, not to mention how many times Phillips bailed out the team. That being said Tech looked like the better team on Saturday, Phillips had his worst game of the year though, was really fighting the puck all night. That penalty on Eick at the end of the game Saturday really stung, what makes it harder to swallow was a very similar play the night before going the other way was not called. The refs were letting both teams run the goalies pretty hard all weekend, then to call that on a hustle play like that with the game on the line is BS, but it is what it is. I guess we will have to return the favor and sweep in their barn.

11-24-2014, 11:59 AM
Mel Pearson show summary for those that missed it.

Mel Pearson Show summary for 11-24:
Earlier practice schedule with no school, so Mel called in
We've been getting some good bounces/break, we've earned them, but this week a bounce here or there went against us
Disappointed with results, not with how hard we played, not much difference between the two teams
We need to understand how we need to play, playing a team like that, every play matters
Didn't play as well Friday night, but much better Saturday
They're deep, we didn't do a lot of matching lines, thought we could just roll and play them

Didn't have intensity Friday, not as good of group effort, you'll have that with nearly 40 games
A couple guys were too uptight or too wired to play, need an even medium between two extremes, need urgency but can't grip stick too tight

Baltus with Pietila/Sturos, put D. Johnstone back there on Saturday instead of Baltus, liked the Saturday line, Blake was dialed in, played very well, little things, good on faceoffs, physical, skated well
Johnstone had a good Saturday too, was a little off Friday, maybe too wired, always nice to have a line you can go back with when trying different lines
Thoughts on Saturday goals, fault Jamie? Wouldn't faul Jamie, but sure he'd like 2 of them back. The 2nd goal in 3rd, was a shot that got deflected that trickled in. Didn't have stick on ice.
Then 3rd goal, shot from corner, gave up rebound and couldn't get back on wrap around. Normally he makes those two saves, but he made big saves in the game. He's the reason we're 10-2.
Joe Shawhan and Jamie have worked really hard on things. You can tell, in more control, battling a lot harder on loose pucks. They go to the net hard. A lot of activity around both goals after the whistle this weekend, don't like others or our team doing that.

On Friday:
Isolated chances both ways in 1st, we gave up more odd man rushes on Friday than all other 10 games combined, we were a little loose defensively, our forwards have to read the situation to help
1-0 Petan, good shot, hit the net, Kero got a good shot that created the rebound
We had a couple great opportunities, Kero SH chance, couldn't get that 2nd one to get some room
We've been good with 3rd period leads, but didn't play the 4x4 well
1-1 Stern, 4x4 goal, we over committed with 3 players down low, not good defensively
1-2, they threw it at a funny angle, went to the net hard, jammed the puck so it went over Jamie, MSU guy bats it out of the air, basically another 4x4 goal, penalties had just ended
Put pressure on at the end, Kero with a great chance, Gervais dove to get a stick on the Kero shot
liked our play and urgency once we were behind, maybe too little too late, but liked the urgency in our game, would like to play that way all the time
Didn't get enough guys involved offensively, partial credit to MSU, but we were also a little off, need everyone, can't have passengers
It's been creeping into our game the last few weeks, but tough loss

On Saturday:
Overall much better performance, both teams a little tired from Friday, not alot going on 1st two periods, tough to get through both defenses
We played hard Saturday
1-0 Petan, Gould assist from behind net, wish Kero could've gotten an assist, made hit that caused D to give up the puck for Gould, wanted to put more forecheck pressure on Sat
Big goal, Mel would've taken 1st goal in both games, thinking it's a key to W, just didn't sustain lead
1-1, Nelson, did not like the goal, Mel will be calling the head of officials, no whistle, after viewing replay, the puck was under Jamie, ref in poor position in corner, couldn't see if puck was frozen, whistle was in his mouth, unfortunate
2nd part is player knocks net up, even though it stay on pegs, looks like puck enters the net from behind and comes out front, net goes down, then MSU guy pushes Jamie's pads into net, didn't like that guys can stand in crease on top of Jamie, 3 factors: slow whistle, poor ref position, net comes up and looks like puck enters through the net out front, then jamming our goalie
Goals are so critical, need to make sure refs get it right, huge point in the game
Mel explained, if net is knocked up and stays on pegs, play can continue, but Mel feels puck went under the net out to the front
We had a lot of hockey left, but critical point in game, goals are so precious though, clearly see in video ref is in no position to see if puck was frozen to begin with
1-2, Leittner PPG, slight redirect, only PPG this weekend, didn't like penalty call, elbow to the head behind the play, replay doesn't show elbow, just want players to decide the game, that didn't win/lose the game, but tough
1-3, great play by Lafontaine, innocent shot at net, bad rebound, got caught between smothering or getting back in net, then MSU wrap it around, sure Jamie would like to have that back
2-3, Gould PPG
Eick penalty late, can't fault CJ, tried splitting Dmen, Williams comes way out and freezes it, with CJ full speed, no room to jump over, clips goalie pad, goalie sold it too, that bothers Mel, Jamie doesn't roll around when he's hit on Friday, Williams rolls around and throws mask off, he sold it but then right back in the game, tough penalty no way to get out of way

Questions for Mel:
Over a 1/4 through season, who is filling departure of this years seniors?
A lot of hockey left, but Gould has taken a step. Showing things he showed as a junior hockey player.
Petan has played well, really like Heinonen and Neville playing well. Neville doing fantastic, things you don't see in offensive numbers.
Eick playing well. Steman is playing well, he's playing against a 25 year old senior. A lot of confidence in him.
We have others like Anderson and Blacklock, Baltus, L'Esperance that haven't played as much. Sturos too, future looks good.

How are fastest players you've coached or played against?
Carl Hagland, recruited him out of Sweden, NY Rangers, burner.
CJ Eick is up there too.

How is recruiting going long term are you finding the players you want?
Recruiting is going well. Really like some of our players coming in.
We have all NLIs back from players we signed early. Joe or Billy will go through that in a bit.

Do we need to learn/remember how to play from behind?
Liked our team when we were behind this wknd. Good sign to play with urgency you need. Want to play that way all the time.
There will be times we are behind and need to stick to our systems.

Last season we beat BGSU then they turned it around and beat us. Is it possible it could happen with Mankato?
Coaches wont have to tell our team to get ready to play Feb in Mankato.

Is throwing a punch acceptable in college hockey?
Not really. No it isn't. There's been a little facemask grabbing, overall it's an emotional game.

After Saturday TO, why not have Tanner on ice when trying to tie game?
Tanner was supposed to be, he was drawn up in play. May have had somebody trapped out there. Good observation.

When watching B1G game this weekend, announcers talked about coaches playing more Freshmen in non-conference and more upper classmen in conference, do you do the same?
We've played quite a few WCHA games, and played freshmen. We'll go with guys that give us the best chance every night.
Need to get guys like Gillies/Steman/Roy, all played well. We have other freshmen we'll look at too.

What do you look for in bubble players?
Some of our bubble players have big roles. Certain guys have roles, like some play both PK and PP when they're in lineup.
Look for bubble players mainly to add energy. We have a number of players that can come in and play well. Makes it tough on coaches.

This weekend, on UAH:
Important weekend. Last conference games before Xmas. A good wknd will set us up in good position for 2nd half. Maybe 8 of 9 at home to start 2nd half.
UAH is playing very well. Best hockey since Corbitt's been there. They've got a good goalie, keep games close. We'll have our hands full.
Like our team and how we fought this weekend.

Muckalt joined the show:
Credit to MSU, proud of our team, played well enough Saturday to win. A couple tough calls at net, but a bounce here/there. They're as good as any team in country.
Want to take positive and improve, want to put ourselves in a position for a national championship.

On NLIs:
Jake Jackson - Forward in BCHL, drafted by SJ Sharks. Fantastic year, speed and as fast as anyone playing junior hockey. Will fit in nice with our tempo.
He had a chance to come in this year but hurt his knee in USHL. He has scored everywhere. He'll do that here too.
His speed will fit our pace, big time forwards. He's learned to play without the puck, a plus player 5x5.

Chris Gerrie - Olds AJHL, 5th in league scoring, leading his team. Similar to Petan. Crafty and can score. Not sure if he'll be next year or following year. Very gifted.

Mitch Newsome - '97 Forward, BCHL, a couple years down the road. Power forward similar to Sturos/L'Esperance. Can skate and knack for the net.

Jake Kauppila- Green Bay, USHL, an energy guy. Hard to play against as well.

Brett Boeing - Dubuque USHL, playing on one of best teams USHL, big minutes

Demico Hannoun - Petan's cousin. 16 goals already, shoots puck like Johnstone, big one-timer

Look at Mankato, had 2 freshmen in lineup, very veteran. We're getting ourselves into that position, where we'll have Blacklock/Anderson/L'Esperance very skilled guys that'll play a lot of hockey.
Sign of a good team, when you get depth and leadership from veteran guys.

Cooper Watson - Madison USHL, 18 year old, big physical, similar to Cliff

Mitch Reinke - Cedar Rapids USHL, high efficiency rating, moves puck, mobile, growing now. Will be a very special player once he's at Tech.
Similar to Seigo, excited about his mobility and high hockey IQ.

11-24-2014, 02:34 PM
Looks like Cope won't be signing an NLI, as someone else predicted.
Leaves us with the following verbals that haven't signed:
Trevor Cope
Angus Redmond
Travis Brown
Tristan Rostagno
Jake Gingell

Seems like next year's incoming class will be good, but not as strong as this year's. With 6 seniors leaving (?not sure if Davis still has a year of eligibility?),
looks like next year's freshmen could be:
Trevor Cope - now or never
Brett Boeing - seems sure to come
Jake Jackson - seems sure to come
Jake Kauppila - could wait a year
Demico Hannoun - seems sure to come
Mitch Reinke - seems sure to come
Cooper Watson - could wait a year

11-24-2014, 10:11 PM
Tech fans: my Thanksgiving plans changed, so I might not be here for Friday night's tilt. I will be back from Tennessee on Saturday if nothing else. We'll see how it goes.


11-25-2014, 05:49 PM
Geof - If you can not attend then the Chargers should be forced to forfeit.
I will alert the WCHA offices to rack up the two points for us.
Ryan J

11-25-2014, 07:23 PM
Geof - If you can not attend then the Chargers should be forced to forfeit.
I will alert the WCHA offices to rack up the two points for us.
Ryan J

If we won without me there, I would banish myself from all home games for the rest of the season.


11-25-2014, 09:15 PM
Mel Pearson show summary for those that missed it.

I hope all the Tech fans realize how lucky We are to have the best coach in the NCAA. We will get Kato back in their barn.

BU just lost with the pressure of no. 1.

11-26-2014, 07:54 AM
Good article by Daver Karnosky, who also appears to have become the hockey beat writer for the Mining Gazette.

Despite first losses, Michigan Tech gives Houghton plenty to be excited about

11-26-2014, 12:10 PM
Dare I post another article? Thanks for the conversations last week. I truly believe your Huskies will make some serious noise this year. Awesome for the sport. http://q30television.com/2014/11/25/breaking-down-uscho-com-mens-hockey-poll-112414/

The Rube
11-27-2014, 09:24 PM
I got my tickets to the Duluth series, and I booked a hotel, etc. but the travel to get to Houghton is getting harder and harder.
It used to be you could fly from Detroit to Iron Mountain and drive 2 hours, and get there in plenty of time for dinner before the game.
now to do that you have to fly to minny first, leaving on the 830 AM flight, So it delays you by two hours. OR, you can fly to marquette, but of course not get to Houghton until 20 minutes after the game starts. OR you can come up on thursday and pay 120 a night plus tax for a hotel.
The whole thing is just a pain in the you know what. I might give away my tickets, we'll see. Might come up for BGSU instead.

btw hotel rooms are getting hard to get.

120 for a hotel? Don't book at the Franklin. Book at the Travelodge. $60~ per night. Get there. Look us (the MN group) up. Trust me.

The Rube
11-27-2014, 09:39 PM
I'll do that, if I come up. Travelodge is now 65, but if you want it refundable it's 75 plus tax. For a crummy hotel. Franklin is booked, Country Inn is booked, HI is booked. I have to be in Birmingham to see my son's PhD defense on Tuesday, and I cannot get stuck in the UP for any reason,and.....

The hotels are booked b/c of us. :D Half-kidding. We have about 20 coming up for a random trip. Since MN isn't coming to Houghton anytime soon, we decided to just make a trip. :D

11-28-2014, 07:38 AM
The hotels are booked b/c of us. :D Half-kidding. We have about 20 coming up for a random trip. Since MN isn't coming to Houghton anytime soon, we decided to just make a trip. :D

Franklin is booked because of the UMD fan bus that is making the trip. :o

11-28-2014, 09:21 AM
It might be old but chris Heisenberg is pointing out that major junior is being sued about the player contracts they use, and may very well have to pony up at least minimum wage to it's players. Making them professionals for sure. The article is available on his twitter feed and:

11-28-2014, 09:47 PM
Too close, but a good 2 points

Mel's postgame interview:
solid defensively, over team defense was our best part of our game
the 1st goal put us on our heels, but we hung in there and limited their Grade A chances
didn't get great chances on PP, they do a good job, we were too deliberate
Eick/Steman/gillies line was outstanding, they were skating, working hard, speed/aggressiveness, they got rewarded
pucks bouncing all over the place, not sure why, but we have to respect that more tomorrow
The penalties were reflective of the game, good reffing, we used our speed, they had to commit penalties, we need more speed tomorrow
Big 2 points, anywhere on the road is tough
We've been in so many tight games, we have confidence and poise
We'll put fresh guys in, we'll watch film
We want to score some more, didn't score on our best chances, but liked the way our team played

11-29-2014, 12:16 AM
Yep, Tech being in a lot of games like that is what kept them clean and focused. One or two bad penalties might have let us back in this one.


11-29-2014, 06:39 AM
United is fine, just O'Hare is notorious for delayed connections.

11-29-2014, 06:44 AM
It will be interesting to see who suits up tonight.
Do the seniors get a rest or is the Neville line given a break.
I would like to see Blacklock, Vallis, and freshman E. Anderson get a shot.
The Steman line and the D won last night's game.

Anyone heard whether these guys are on the trip.
I also think Wintjes gets the start tonight.