View Full Version : ECAC West 2014-2015 offseason (news, commitments, predictions, etc.)

05-28-2014, 05:05 PM
I noticed I was a little caught up with some stuff. Here's the ECAC West thread, where news, commitments and predictions are welcome.
I'm gonna be the first to make predictions
1) Elmira: group of Soaring Eagles who jelled as the season progressed, stole the ECAC West championship game, most of their core is back.
2) Utica: Pioneers took a step back after '13 FF run, and while Zelzer was a find and they won the regular season title, they just didn't seem to have it, but Educate is back for one final season.
3) Hobart: a strong defensive team with young goalies and Olson should be a tremendous help for Statesmen.
4) Nazareth: Golden Flyers are out of the basement, because Blasko, Zdolshek, and others are ready to make a statement.
5) Neumann: Knights could be in for a bounce-back year with a young core ready to step up.
6) Manhattanville: Valiants have to replace many of the major pieces, including filling a goalie void.

07-02-2014, 03:07 PM
New logo: https://twitter.com/Cardinal_Hockey/status/484413796752965632/photo/1

Guess it was a no bid contract :)

Seriously, it looks like the ECAC rebranded the logos.