View Full Version : Yet Another WCHA Realignment Thread

04-14-2014, 09:30 PM
Anybody who responds to this thread is either a congenital idiot or totally lacking a life.

I expect to hear from Pink Pony and uaafanblog before the evening is over.

Critical Thinker
04-15-2014, 05:51 PM
Anybody who responds to this thread is either a congenital idiot or totally lacking a life.

Then what does that make you for starting it?

Critical Thinker
04-15-2014, 06:45 PM
All right, since none of our ideas have gained any traction or support, we clearly aren't thinking this out enough. We need a bold, daring plan that will gain some attention. So how about this:

1.- We take all the Michigan and Ohio teams (except the B1G Can't Counts, who can stay in their own "exclusive" playpen) and form the MOCHA (Michigan-Ohio College Hockey Association). This conference can form a partnership with the MAC, who can get them big payouts from TV deals with ESPN5 and ESPN7 in the Tuesday 3 am timeslot. Also with the MAC, the MOCHA will be able to bring in another team not from the conference's geographic region that will give the conference access to a large TV market, much like the MAC has recently done with UMASS and Temple. I think the logical team for the conference to bring in is Alaksa-Anchorage. Fans won't be able to travel, but hey, we can get that massive TV market from Anchorage. After all, Alaska is a pretty big state.

2.- UAH can join the SEC. With recent losses in the championship series in football and basketball, the SEC will look for a new sport where they can dominate the championship game. And since UAH took care of Army in the Futile Four championship, we should expect an SEC membership offer any day now.

3.- Alaska Fairbanks will likely join the Russian leagues, as Russia will at some point get bored with dominating Ukraine, and will look for more former territory to reconquer.

4.- Bemidji and Minny State can perpetuate the WCHA, inviting whoever they want. I hear District 5 in Minnesota has a new coach...