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04-14-2014, 06:54 PM
Actually not. Scholarships can be targeted to individuals, FA - as the other posters explained - must be doled out proportionately, specifically not targeting any sport, nationality or group of students. You can ask, Buff St, Neumann!, Morrisville, Geneseo, Potsdam?, et al.

It may be a goose (or a fish), but it's definitely not a duck. believe what ya like,bottom line these kids are not going to give up bug buck scholarships at other schools,and I am sure many had them, to get zipo,or close to it at Union,if financial aide is what ya like to call it so be it,it is also way easier to give out FA when you only have 2200 students to deal with.Very happy to see Union win,good team and that Gothliesburger:confused: can flat out play

04-14-2014, 10:05 PM
Not exactly. IRC, they are a DIII sport "playing up" in DI. All of the teams you mentioned were playing at the top level of hockey before the division classification came into play, Union wasn't. Thus, couldn't "give" athletic scholarships. There was a vote as to whether DIII schools "playing up" could allow for scholarships, and a separate vote for the teams you mentioned (the "grandfather" clause.) Union voted no on both propositions (****ing off its ECAC brethren,) the grandfather clause eventually passed, and schools who are DIII can no longer play any sport at the DI level and offer scholarships.

It would appear you are correct. According to this old USCHO article (http://archive.today/rwamW):

Union moved its hockey program to Division I in 1991, after the 1982-83 waiver, and therefore, unlike the other D-III schools that play in the ECAC, has never been allowed to grant athletic scholarships. Though Union, in fact, has not seemed interested in doing so anyway; the institution does not give preferential aid to athletes, either.

04-16-2014, 08:12 AM
It would appear you are correct. According to this old USCHO article (http://archive.today/rwamW):

That article was during the Roger (40%) Hull admin. Since he left, the admin has changed its level of support to the hockey program.