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03-11-2014, 12:29 PM
Nope but thats okay!

I think there's a lot of things that go into killing an atmosphere. The biggest is charging students to attend games and sticking them in a less than desirable section. If it's money that causes you to do this then go find another way to generate revenue but don't put anymore burden on the students wallets. I honestly think this is why the Lawson Lunatics are as strong as they are, we give our students prime seating free of charge and let them create the atmosphere everyone enjoys.
I can't say specifically about North Dakota and the move, but I think in general when teams move into a new arena, often corporate and premium seating takes up a larger share. Those seats often go either unused, or used by some employee who won the tickets and isn't a die-hard. That has been a criticism of Mariucci since it was built and I'm seeing it at Amsoil now too. UMD had its best avg attendance ever this season at 6500+ per game, but that was paid attendance, and I'd say there was often only around 5000 in the arena. UMD's atmosphere has always been student-driven though too, the townies are notoriously quiet (and crabby) and the student section has gone way downhill in terms of noise. The students have had to pay since I arrived (2001-02 season) and I think long before that. They don't have to pay much, I think it still comes out to about $6/game. When I was first here there were literally 3-4 rows of one section at the old arena taken up by the beginnings of the originally Penalty Box (DHG, Beersong et al). From there it quickly built to three full sections, and numbers have stayed pretty strong even up until this season, where I think there were more than 800 student season tickets sold. However, as the leaders of the section grew weaker and weaker, tPB has gotten quieter and quieter. With no particular leader this season, the section has been extremely quiet. Even in its prime, the UMD student section never did any cheer more than three times, but this season they would only do it once or twice and even the Beer Song has been ho-hum. I think a lack of strong leaders/organizers is the primary reason for this drop-off.

At SCSU anything you hear about there being a "great" atmosphere is leftover reputation from the mid 90s-early 2000s. I think what happened there was an administrative crackdown on vulgar language and organizing the student section into an official school club. It's unfortunate that the students didn't find more creative ways to cheer without being vulgar. I think it's also a down-cycle of hockey being a "cool" thing to do. In addition, the townies in St. Cloud were loud (and somewhat off-color) during the peak of the Concrete Center's atmosphere and I think the fact that most of the townies are getting generally older and more mature as well as additional corporate seating to pay for renovations has lessened the impact the townies has on the atmosphere as well.