View Full Version : Robert Morris Cutting 7 Sports

12-08-2013, 12:39 PM

A few things to note:
-This may mean increased support for RMU hockey. It's specifically mentioned as a sport achieving success. (?)
-This is a common theme among major colleges. The concentration of resources is being used everywhere in college sports, including the megalithic SEC programs.
-This is a double-edged sword. RMU chose to keep hockey. Other schools may choose differently.

If you demand greater resources being dedicated to a particular sport (and lament those that can't/won't), you must also accept the possible outcome; programs (perhaps yours) dropping hockey, fewer programs adding the sport, and the possibility of a reduction in the number of participants in the tournament. Overall, a shrinking sport. Thankfully, for us hockey fans, this swung in the favor of our sport at the cost of others. Next time...?

12-08-2013, 12:42 PM
RMU may change their minds about hockey after their team's visit to the JAR this past weekend. :-)

12-08-2013, 12:49 PM
Kinda ironic that travel for the other sports was a concern... Hockey laughs at them :p

Seems like a case where they gotta do what they gotta do... Hockey seems to be on solid ground there...