View Full Version : Suites for 2014 Frozen Four in Philadelphia

04-04-2013, 02:21 PM
It's still over a year away but never too early to make plans...

I have been in touch with Wells Fargo already and am on the waiting list for 2 adjacent 12-seat luxury suites. I have already emailed those who attended in the 2012 FF Luxury Suite in Tampa and those who expressed interest in 2013. Unfortunately, pricing in Pittsburgh was delayed because of the looming NHL lockout. That shouldn't be a problem this time around. The people in Philadelphia seem to have their act together much better than the Consol Energy Center and there is NHL labor peace. Hopefully that will permit them to set pricing early and there will be enough time to get everything organized.

The price in Tampa Bay was $375/person and price in Pittsburgh would have been $500/person. That includes admission to all three games, food at all three games and the extras. Alcohol is allowed if preordered and is extra. There are tickets to a suite on StubHub selling for $450, but that doesn't include food. I anticipate suites will be between $400-500 for Philadelphia. If you are interested in attending the 2014 Frozen Four in a luxury suite, please use jhfhockey(at)gmail.com as the contact. This will not obligate you to anything, I'm just trying to measure interest and see if two suites are enough or if I should reserve more. If you have any questions, please post here or email (or both!).

FS23: Your email bounced so if you are still interested, please shoot me an email with your new address.