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02-24-2013, 11:27 PM
The following story can be attributed to the good folks at Deadspin (http://deadspin.com/5456588/a+hole-coach-digest-coaching-feud-edition).

The two most successful D-III hockey coaches of the last 20 years, who coach at colleges 70 miles apart in Vermont, have had a personal feud that goes back almost 40 years to their time at UNH. The story is that Mike McShane, who was and is known as a bit of a c*cks*ck*r, decided to prank the newest hotshot member of the 70-71 Wildcat hockey team, a sophomore (remember, this was when freshman weren't allowed to play varsity) named Bill Beaney.

Instead of the regular hazing rituals, such as itch powder in the jock or tape on the bottom of the skate blades, McShane decided to leave a particularly nefarious and highly unsanitary joke; he took a sh*t in Beaney's skates. The next day at practice Beaney loaded his bare toes into the front of his skate, only to have his digits greeted by the stinky deposit, and a Duellists-level obsession began.

To this day, through something like 70 matches against each other over the years, they continue to skip the customary post-game hand shake.

Now some may say this was a classless thing to do. And they would be right, but really, would you expect anything less from McShane? That being said, with this information coming to light, how can Beaney be taken seriously by his players?

The truth is, we beat Amherst in spite of Beaney. The guy used his one timeout halfway through the 2nd period of a 1-1 game at a time when we were controlling play. Who does that? Is that the sign of a true leader? One must now wonder, is Beaney really as incompetent as he seems? Or, is he deliberately tanking season after season so he can avoid McShane and Norwich in the NCAA's?

Whatever the case, there is only one thing we can be certain of. Fire Beaney!

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This interrview" (// http://www.wcax.com/story/20167054/primelink-coaches-the-full-interview) seems ti indicate differently, and I've seem them shake hands after many games.

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What a totally ridiculous post....

Russell Jaslow
02-25-2013, 07:24 AM
What a totally ridiculous post....

The only thing that explains hockeyguy99's obssession with Beaney is Beaney must have taken a dump in hockeyguy99's skates!

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One thing you can take from this is the extremely large coaching tree of former UNH (and Colby) head coach, Charlie Holt.