View Full Version : Colgate & Cornell @ RPI & Union (1/18, 1/19)

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01-19-2013, 10:46 PM
They may have screwed up the icing, but they didn't screw up the offsides. I looked at the tape, and the Cornell player had the line.

That further confirms what I said about the officiating. I can live with games called the way tonights was.-Jstadts

01-19-2013, 11:20 PM
Postgame videos from the Union-Colgate game.... There's two from tonight - Union head coach Rick Bennett and Union players Nick Cruice and Troy Grosenick. The latter is a bit blurry for the first 25 seconds, but is fine after. Colgate didn't send anyone down after the game.

More on the game: http://bit.ly/USzLMD

Both videos available in 720p.



01-20-2013, 11:56 AM
Doc,IMO the officials were very good tonight. The linesmen made 2 big mistakes late when it matters most but overall I thought the refs were very fair.
The thing I noticed most is that RPI was willing/able to match cornells intensity along the wall which is no easy task .In all honesty that hasn`t happened at the field house vs cornell in a long time. Kasdorf was excellent and special teams were very good. A very encouraging weekend.

Live it sure looked like they blew an offsides-Reviewing the tape-they more than likely got it exactly right. I have no qualms about the major they called on us-it was deserved-even if there was a bit of embellishment. I just felt the entire 60 minutes that they let Cornell get away with hits that we could not have gotten away with. A lot of interference stuff. I must say though that i agree-Kasdorf was excellent and special teams play had show vast improvement. My star of the game besides Kaz is McGowan. The kid just harrassed everyone and kept cycling the puck in their corners without anyone able to take it away from him. I liked him a lot before he came to RPI (even suggesting in jest an LMN line with Laliberte and Neal). But he is showing incredible improvement and his line was superb most of the night. BTW, do they ever grow them bigger than Cornell's #14 and #15? They could play on my all big forward team anytime.