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Blugold Hockey
10-31-2012, 10:52 AM

If you would like a lesson in Journalism 100 read today's article on the NCHA Season Preview. It starts with fact checking. Iím a Blugold fan and I donít know enough about the other NCHA teams this year to be able comment on Kevinís accuracy for the rest of them. For the Blugolds howeverÖ.. Bryce Wilcox hasn't played a game for the Blugold's since the Thanksgiving Tourney of last season and isn't even listed on the roster this year! Key Players CíMon man?!? Maybe take the kid that's not on the club anymore and replace him with a Senior Goaltender or maybe list one of the three Division I transfers as a potential contributor (you can take your pick, the kid from Denver, Alaska, or Quinnipiac). Go ahead and pick Eau Claire sixth, thatís not the issue, theyíve struggled against the NCHA since forever, but on today's assignment Kevin you get an E for embarrassing!!!!!! Kevin please quit treating your DIII coverage like an assignment for an entry level Journalism class or donít do it at all! :mad: