View Full Version : Northeast Conferences Re-alignment Pending - Baseless Speculation Thread

03-29-2012, 12:48 PM
To date, the major conference shifting has escaped the northeast programs, with a few singular exceptions (ND, QU, UVM). It appears we may be on the precipice of a significant shift in conference re-alignment in our corner of the country next. The catalyst may be the recent announcement of UConn's pending application to HEA.

Possible outcomes...

Hockey East: UConn is admitted, 12 teams, door closed. Aside from ND changing their mind, I can't see HEA having any inkling of changes going forward. If UConn deal falls apart, does HEA's desire for a 12 team conference lead to thoughts of HC or RPI, or do they stick with 11?

ECAC: Stable? If UConn deal falls apart, does this open the door for RPI to HEA, and RIT then to ECAC? ECAC/Ivy split?

Atlantic Hockey: This is perhaps the most fluid situation. If the UConn deal happens, that leaves an open slot in AHA. If UConn deal falls apart, that could result in RPI to HEA as their 12th team, which in turn opens the door for RIT to ECAC, once again resulting in an open slot in AHA. Also, several of the newer western AHA programs have always shown an interest in higher levels of scholarship funding. Would this entice them to leave and join forces with CCHA, or even strike out on their own? Many versions of these last two scenarios have already been considered and initially rejected. (The CHA experiment proved a failure, and forming a new stand-alone conference would look eerily similar to that defunct conference. CCHA idea has at least been tabled, it seems.) Let's not forget Holy Cross. I would assume they would be interested in the speculative ECAC opening mentioned above. Also, two more wild cards in the perennial speculation of Navy going varsity, and UAH's need for a home. Perhaps....Army, Navy, Air Force, Bentley, Holy Cross, AIC, SHU as the AHA, with the departure of RMU, NU, RIT, Can., and MC to CCHA or CHA v2.0?