View Full Version : 2 Strips - All Games - FROZEN FOUR $180 takes them all!! Section 305

03-29-2012, 06:05 AM
For my birthday, I have decided to take a beating on the message board trying to sell some Frozen Four tickets.

Broken-hearted Sioux fan who watched his team make a great run at The Final Five. That was our zenith. Priceless as we watched on the glass with 85-year old parents who cannot see very well, but felt the action of great college hockey.

We have two strips in 305. Will sell for $180 total. Will share ship cost to solid fan who promises a good check upon receipt, or PayPal.

Have fun. We would be going, but the wheels have presently fallen off the old bus in any number of ways. Life is tough. Except at the Frozen Four.