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Still upset that didn't go your way, huh? If "most" of Americans agree with you, why was Clinton's approval ratings reaching 80% at the end of that fiasco? Maybe because millions more people thought you all were idiots? Barney Frank should have been run out of office. No arguments here. Studds was a bit before my time I think, but there was no force there, unlike Foley who had to be restrained from raiding the male pages' dorm (nice family values there). Funny how you left out Senator Vitter, who actually committed a crime (unlike Clinton, as bad taste in women isn't technically illegal - lucky for a many a con no doubt).


Saying Presidents don't create 22M jobs themselves isn't the same as Presidents have no effect on job creation. The reality is somewhere in the middle. Clinton at great political risk passed a budget that raised the revenues needed to balance the budget. He kept that promise. Markets and investors like that (fiscal stability) and reward it when investment in the country, which grows the economy. During Clinton's time capital inflows outpaced capital outflows. Of course the free trade, R & D tax breaks, Empowerment zones, welfare reform, etc are there for all to see, but his greatest contribution was resisting the urge for gimmicky tax breaks and instead focused on the non-**** task of paying down the debt. Sadly this was ruined by Republicans who upon assuming total control of the Govt squandered the surplus on upper income tax breaks that by and large got invested overseas (China in particular).

So, while Clinton didn't personally hire 22M people, his policies clearly aided job creation to a degree we hadn't seen in some time before that and ever since.
Clinton stole from Social Security to balance the budget. So did Dubya, though.