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Thread: 0 Days Since Last Shooting: Keep The Calendar At Zero

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    Re: 0 Days Since Last Shooting: Keep The Calendar At Zero

    Quote Originally Posted by FadeToBlack&Gold View Post
    Brent has been consistent about his proposals. Drew has mostly murmured about "mental health checks", while simultaneously defending Trump's end to Obama's policy on dementia patients being denied guns, so that tells you all you need to know about Drew's opinion.
    He has a bright spot here and there, so I have to give credit where credit is due. I don't like his overall position.
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    Re: 0 Days Since Last Shooting: Keep The Calendar At Zero

    Quote Originally Posted by The Sicatoka View Post
    Representative Swalwell was surely just kidding around when he said, "The government has nukes", in response to the posit that not everyone would willing accept confiscation by force.

    Not his finest hour.

    I think Swalwell may have, for the first time in over one hundred weeks, knocked POTUS out of the "worst elected official Tweet of the week" number one ranking.
    Glad to see someone is stepping up. And he's right. Morons that think they're going to 2nd Amendment Remedy the government collecting their guns are nuts.
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    Re: 0 Days Since Last Shooting: Keep The Calendar At Zero

    Quote Originally Posted by leswp1 View Post
    How do you define this? I have asked a few avid 'don't take my guns' folk this question and also to give suggestions of what they would consider reasonable regulations regarding ownership. I have never gotten an answer. (going on about 5 yrs now). If I get any acknowledgement at all it is an immediate response about the slippery slope but no answer that could be constructive. So maybe you can answer. What do you think would be reasonable as a way to increase safety while preserving the right to own?


    I really don't get the rabid opposition to requiring licensing, to make sure people know safety and how to care for a gun. My kid pointed out he could legally buy a gun in some places before he could drink or rent a car. His opinion about that was.... not favorable.
    Sorry, I've had a busy few days and never got a chance to respond to this. This is wishful thinking, but it would be nice if some non-partisan, informed panel would revise our gun laws. It will never happen though. There is way too much extremism on both sides.

    As far as what I would like to see, I've said multiple times there should be some sort of waiting period to buy a gun. A week or something like that would be good and hopefully would let people cool off if they're buying a gun with the intent to harm themselves or others. People who have dementia or something that could lead them to cause harm to themselves or others shouldn't have guns(they should be confiscated in a safe and responsible manner, not a bunch of cops knocking down someone's door.) There should be some sort of national licensing scheme, you wouldn't necessarily have to have one to own a gun, but it would make it easier for people who shoot, hunt, etc. It would ensure that people are safely trained and hopefully weed out some of the people who have mental health issues.

    This is somewhat beside the issue, but there should be more done to protect domestic violence/potential domestic violence victims. I'm not sure exactly what that entails, but it should be done.

    The goal of any new gun regulations should be to reduce gun deaths overall, not to stop the mass shooting events. The bottom line is what counts not random events.
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    Re: 0 Days Since Last Shooting: Keep The Calendar At Zero

    Thanks folks. I guess I didn't read far enough back.

    In UK they need to keep guns at a gun club, not at home. I would love to see something like storage lockers only have it be for guns. This would be great for things like Vets who struggle at times and have an informal system of handing over their guns to someone safe when they feel they aren't safe, folks who like to hunt, etc. Safe place to keep them, easily accessible when you want them. .

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