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That question was answered. Salve was awfully good tonight. Wojtala was outstanding and Curry PP was sharp. Stilll they took too many selfish penalties 12 for 22 minutes. Endicott PP was 1/12. Salve was the better team all weekend. UNE also with the sweep against a tough Curry team a lot of special teams goals by UNE 4 PP and 2 SH goals over the weekend. Conference back in action in two weeks after some thanksgiving tourneys coming up.
I think this weekend (I know it's still early!) showed that the Conference may be a 3-team and not a 5-team race (Salve, Nichols and UNE). Endicott really had a stinker of a weekend. Again, this is only through the stream, but they looked uninspired, at best, through both games. Salve played lights out both nights, quickness that Endicott couldn't answer and a toughness that may have cost them in PIMs. They do need to get that in check, teams with good special teams could exploit that.

I only caught part of the Nichols/Becker game before I headed over to the Alfond for UNE/Curry (man, I gotta get a life!) and Becker seemed to show a little spunk.

I agree with the UNE Special Teams, they have been executing well on PP and SH, as Curry found out this weekend. Curry had a lot of O-zone time but got very little accomplished. They appeared to be disorganized, many times getting frustrated with not getting quality shots. UNE Defense blocked a ton of shots all night.

This weekend began to tell us more about this conference.