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Thread: Spartan Hockey Offseason, or How to Kill T-minus 4 months

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    Quote Originally Posted by wsummers View Post
    I agree powerplays both 5 on 4 and 5 on 3 need work...but I'm willing to give them a pass for now as there has been very little time to work on them. I should add there were at least 4 posts hit.

    I agree on your comments about the K twins (and other Freshmen) times you could see potential...but at other times you saw freshmen miscues. Each has size which should help against the more physical teams. Not as quick as Cesana, but good speed once they get moving. Each had some miscues, but it's early.

    I'm more confident than you about our 2nd line...but maybe it's false hope as we aren't moving up much (or at all) without a productive 2nd line.

    I could add that Apap, Keefer, and Sanford were often paired together and at least two of them will probably be a 3rd checking line. Mattson, Goodsir, and Milan were also often paired and could be a 4th line. Smith, Esteves, Kamer, and Stevens may be the new extra player or move into one of the other lines depending on how the competition goes.
    2nd line could be quite good. Lambdin and Saliba are both capable players and I was so pleased by Stachowiak last night. Great size, good skill, and fast enough. A blend this program has lacked for some time. Im probably talking him up too much for such a small sample size.

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    Re: Spartan Hockey Offseason, or How to Kill T-minus 4 months

    Looking forward to the two games in Ithaca against the Big Red later this month. CU will have it's hands full as that weekend will open the regular season for them. Here's hoping for a competitive series.

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    Re: Spartan Hockey Offseason, or How to Kill T-minus 4 months

    Speaking of small sample size ...

    Just keeping a third eye on a brand-new USHL season, and Egor Afanasyev through a couple games has 4 goals on a mere 6 shots. Nice to see an MSU commit near the top of the leader board

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    Re: Spartan Hockey Offseason, or How to Kill T-minus 4 months

    With the exhibition today I think it's time we retire this thread. I'm not good with taglines, though, so someone else will have to make the season thread.
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