Has anyone read "Great Game! D1 College Hockey People Places and Perspectives"?

Just ordered it. Sounds good.

I got involved in college hockey with Michigan Tech about 20-25 years ago. Back then it seemed like a niche sport. It seemed like almost no one knew about it. Maybe I traveled in the wrong circles. But now it seems me it is getting more popular and more press. I know at Tech there are a lot more people involved. We were on a 30 year losing steak which didn't exactly have fans lining up at the door, but even before we started have winning seasons, the popularity started to pick up. Our Pep Band was always popular and with the start up of a student cheering section "Mitch's Misfits" the ball (or should I say puck) really got rolling. Tip of the hat (trick?) to Tim Braun and Chris Nesbitt who started "Mitch's Misfits" when there wasn't but a half of a section of students at the games.