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Thread: Telemarketer scam du jour

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    Re: Telemarketer scam du jour

    Quote Originally Posted by Kepler View Post
    Meh. Then just fire shoulder-launched missiles into the 1%er's houses.

    Bound to hit one eventually.
    Hahahahahaha. This had me rolling.

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    there's a good buck in that racket.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dxmnkd316 View Post
    Hahahahahaha. This had me rolling.
    Kepler fails to realize that once you start knocking off 1%'ers in volume, HE will become one

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    Re: Telemarketer scam du jour

    Quote Originally Posted by aparch View Post
    Yep. My personal cell phone with a 906 area code gets the "neighborhood scam" calls (and ****ed off callers "returning" my missed call) and so does my work phone with a 312 area code. Doesn't matter where.

    You would think there would be a way to eliminate cell phone spoofing by making the carriers check the callers MDN and MIN numbers to ensure they're genuine. Knowing the big four (soon to be three), they would charge you a monthly fee to make your caller ID have that screening feature. Kinda like Verizon already does for their existing service (furrows brow in VZW's direction for charging $2.99 a month for plain old caller ID).
    Anytime a 218 number calls me, I know it's a scam. There is only one other person I know with one, and I have his number saved already.

    My mom's cousin's husband used to get a ton of telemarketer calls when he owned his own business. He used to record himself screwing with them. My favorite was when a medical insurance company called and he pretended he had full blown AIDS, cancer, and was on dialysis.

    They hung up pretty quick.

    Matt Frattin for Hobey!!
    Originally posted by Quizmire
    mns, this is why i love you.

    Originally posted by Markt
    MNS - forking genius.

    Originally posted by asterisk hat
    MNS - sometimes you gotta answer your true calling. I think yours is being a pimp.

    Originally posted by hockeybando
    I am a fan of MNS.

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