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Got a patio that faces the South/West? You can easily install a dish on a stand on the patio, just weigh it down so the wind doesn't move it. Last apartment complex I was in was dead set against residents having satellite TV *unless* (and this was in the fine print) it was mounted on a free-standing pole not physically affixed to the building or deck.

Also saw a setup in a different complex a friend was in where people who had south facing large picture windows, and no balcony, mounted the dish inside the apartment facing out the window.
I've been reading that satellite installers themselves are now reluctant to affix dishes to buildings, even if you own the house. One reason is once you install a dish on your roof, you can (usually) never take it down because it will leave holes in your roof. (When I left DISH, the satellite dish remained on my roof until I had the roof redone. At that point, the roofer took the dish down and disposed of it for me.) They are now strongly suggesting you install a dish on a free standing pole, and affix the pole in the ground.