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Thread: NFL 2018.1 The off season

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    Re: NFL 2018.1 The off season

    Quote Originally Posted by joecct View Post
    Picked up the CTV/CBC feed???
    Absolutely not.
    Russell Jaslow
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    Re: NFL 2018.1 The off season

    Quote Originally Posted by Russell Jaslow View Post
    Which is strange.

    I distinctly remember watching it, because as not a Bills fan, I stuck with it, and mocked all my Bills fans friends who gave up.
    I distinctly remember watching it, because not only am I a Bills fan, I had a bet with a co-worker who was a Warren Moon uber-fanboy. The next night at work was rather fun. He was a cook, I was a dishrat. I walked in, said good game, and collected money. "Go on, laugh, come on, rub it in." I didn't.

    About an hour later, a DIFFERENT co-worker (dishrat) ran out to the kitchen, "Something's wrong with Brenthoven! Come back here! Moon-boy comes running back, only to see me "choking" rather loudly.
    Never really developed a taste for tequila. Kind of hard to understand how you make a drink out of something that sharp, inhospitable. Now, bourbon is easy to understand.
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