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Thread: Maine @ RPI, Saturday, 12/30/17

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    Re: Maine @ RPI, Saturday, 12/30/17

    Quote Originally Posted by RPI fan 4 life View Post
    Donít know if anyone noticed, but Burgess went to the locker room near the end of the first period and didnít return. With about 5 minutes to go in the game, I saw him with some other teammates who were not playing in street clothes and his right arm was in a sling. Not good.
    In the back of mind I wondered why I didn't see him since he was my PtC choice, but it did not register.

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    Re: Maine @ RPI, Saturday, 12/30/17

    Quote Originally Posted by Drew S. View Post
    It wasn't to the head, just Hicks being his usual ******bag self.
    It was an honor to present your colors, RPI. Let's Go 'TUTE!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rover View Post
    I'm not happy about it either, but Flag is correct (cue the Twilight Zone music!).
    Quote Originally Posted by French Rage View Post
    Ahh crap I agree exactly with what FlagDude said.
    Quote Originally Posted by jericho on rpitv's chat
    I never thought I would say this, but you are right.
    Quote Originally Posted by Handyman View Post
    And yet, even if Flaggy is complete tinfoil hat, every day it looks closer and closer to the truth.
    Quote Originally Posted by burd View Post
    So flaggy: you win.

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    Re: Maine @ RPI, Saturday, 12/30/17

    Quote Originally Posted by Drew S. View Post
    Get over it. I have been watching hockey since 1959, and every time there is a blow out, the losing team shows its frustration. I bet even Maine has had that opportunity. It is just hockey.
    What is not classy is when the opposing coach throws a punch at a player.
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