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Thread: POTUS 45:26 - One million tweets DC!

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    Re: POTUS 45:26 - One million tweets DC!

    This headline from the Hill might be the first time I agree with dump on something:

    “House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy instructed an aide to sort through Starbursts to pick out only the red and pink versions of the candy — President Trump's favorite flavors of Starbursts — and then had the candy delivered to Trump as a gift.”

    Yellow and orange starburst are worthless

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    Re: POTUS 45:26 - One million tweets DC!

    Michigan Tech: "Working with scraps and guys from places so remote that Houghton seems like a metropolis"

    Boosh Factor (4/04/17): 5.242424

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    Re: POTUS 45:26 - One million tweets DC!

    Quote Originally Posted by FadeToBlack&Gold View Post
    How is that now what they voted for? Very confused by people.
    Originally Posted by dropthatpuck-Scooby's a lost cause.
    Originally Posted by First Time, Long Time-Always knew you were nothing but a troll.

    Glass at 0%: Another First Round Exit.

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