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Thread: "It's game-changing" (NWHL)

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    Quote Originally Posted by thirdtime's . . . View Post
    "Voices grow louder for merger . . ."
    Clearly one league is the answer to the viable future of professional women's hockey. The top current and former players all agree about that. The problem is the wrong people are in charge of each league. Andress and Rylan both have selfish personal agendas that are in the way of a successful future and merger of both leagues. The players of both leagues need to force the issue on both Andress and Rylan in the same way the US National team forced USA Hockey to listen to them recently. Andress has been viewed as a self-serving dinosaur in girls'/women's hockey in Ontario for years. Rylan shouldn't want to have the same type of reputation on this side of the border but it sounds like she's well on her way to having a very similar negative reputation. Time for both to be removed from power for the betterment of women's hockey at large. The NHL will be much more inclined to give its support once one league is formed, and the NHL's support is going to be needed for the new league (WNHL) to survive and succeed.
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    Re: "It's game-changing" (NWHL)

    CWHL going for a game-changer of its own:

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