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Thread: Norwich 2017-18 Season Thread: Defending the Crown

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    Re: Norwich 2017-18 Season Thread: Defending the Crown

    Quote Originally Posted by jerrynu26 View Post
    I’ve gone to it both ways with the men. You wouldn’t like on campus if it was someone else’s site, believe me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KrbFlint View Post
    Great game, and Kreitzberg was packed. I am now totally convinced that the men should go back to campus sites.
    I just think most D3 arenas (Kreitzberg included) could not handle a men’s final four crowd nowadays.

    You’d have to have at least 2500 seats I think to host it and have enough seating.

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    Re: Norwich 2017-18 Season Thread: Defending the Crown

    Quote Originally Posted by KrbFlint View Post
    My biggest beef with the neutral site games is that it almost always appears empty. Even the games which are well attended look empty. I hate it. A championship game should have a championship atmosphere. I’ve made the same argument in regard to the many high school sports which play in big stadiums (Gillette Stadium in MA, Rutgers in NJ, etc)
    A campus site when the host doesn't make the finals makes for a small crowd - If the Cadets had not made the finals, you would not have seen the kind of crowd that was there last night. I agree that if the facility is too big it spoils the experience. On the other hand, Lake Placid in 2010 was an amazing experience. There was a lot less atmosphere in 1999 and 2004 when it was at Kreitzberg and Norwich lost in the semis. It was great in 2003 when Norwich won at Krietzberg, but I think the idea of a right-sized neutral site is way to go.
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