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Thread: Colgate 2017-18

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    Quote Originally Posted by iowabasedtraveler View Post
    Golden 'Gates dinner and awards presentation was held tonight in Hamilton, N.Y., with men's hockey goaltender Colton Point of North Bay (Ontario, Canada) earning the (male) Athlete of the Year award and women's hockey forward Jessie Eldridge of Barrie (Ontario, Canada) earning the (female) Athlete of the Year award. Outgoing Athletic Director Vicky Chun (to Yale) gave the closing remarks, including a warm welcome to incoming AD Nicki Moore (from UNC Chapel Hill). President Brian Casey and Board of Trustees president David
    Hurwitz also spoke at the well-attended year-ending event.

    Wonder how an AD from Chapel Hill will view our emphasis on the two hockey programs? Donít know Nicki from Adam, but wish her lots of luck at Colgate and hope she is a big supporter of all our athletic teams.

    Congrats to Jessie Eldridge and Colton Point on being elected Athletes of the Year. Well deserved by both individuals.

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    Re: Colgate 2017-18

    Based on some schedule musings, it's almost a certainly the home/home with Cornell will be 25-26 January. Unless someone knows if they might be splitting the series, like 16-17?
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    I'm not happy about it either, but Flag is correct (cue the Twilight Zone music!).
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    Ahh crap I agree exactly with what FlagDude said.
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    I never thought I would say this, but you are right.
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    And yet, even if Flaggy is complete tinfoil hat, every day it looks closer and closer to the truth.
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    So flaggy: you win.

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    Re: Colgate 2017-18

    assuming we play Cornell in January my New Year's wish for 2019 will be to actually get two points out of four...since we're 4-22-7 in our last 33 meetings with The Big Red this may be a stretch...

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    Re: Colgate 2017-18

    Cornell has another good recruiting class, albeit smaller than usual in numbers, they will be as good as last year, on the other hand, oops never mind.
    It all starts with the goaltending.

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