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I intend to go to the WLC's game today, so probably Reid Leibold won't be playing.
Well I went to this. I am not a scout and don't really know what to look for. I probably should say no more, but I was not overly impressed. The WLC lost 6-1. Their only goal was on a two-man advantage. Amazingly enough overall the WJC seemed the better team, but ...

IIRC Leibold was not on the ice for their goal and was rarely on the ice when the other team scored. (That is good.) He is a bit undersized but is a fast skater with apparently good hockey sense. His faceoff skills could use improvement. (He will fit in well in that regard.)

Leibold seemed to leave the defensive zone often waiting for breakout passes which rarely came, and when they did his shot seemed accurate but he did score. He also usually seemed to pass well.

Maybe I will go to another game early next calendar year.