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Thread: Minnesota Golden Gophers 2017-18 Season Thread

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    Re: Minnesota Golden Gophers 2017-18 Season Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by OldDave View Post
    I suppose this means you won't be crawling over us in the middle of the games on your way to the men's game any more (assuming you are in row 8 with me). Good choice on which tickets to keep, though. I haven't been to men's games since the women started - 21 years - so I have not seen Don on the Gopher bench at all.
    No crawling over anyone by us. We've always had 2 seats at the beginning of a row, but actually haven't sat there for awhile preferring the bench seats instead. If there is a conflict with the women's game we either have sold the men's tickets to a friend or relative or in a few cases given them to someone who has never been to a game at Mariucci.
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