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Thread: POTUS 45.10 - Stage Two in Perpetuity

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    Re: POTUS 45.10 - Stage Two in Perpetuity

    Quote Originally Posted by St. Clown View Post
    Beyond political theater, does a heinous act like that really need to be denounced? The man murdered people.
    I think he was talking about denouncing him for drinking Sangria from a large bladder bag.
    That community is already in the process of dissolution where each man begins to eye his neighbor as a possible enemy, where non-conformity with the accepted creed, political as well as religious, is a mark of disaffection; where denunciation, without specification or backing, takes the place of evidence; where orthodoxy chokes freedom of dissent; where faith in the eventual supremacy of reason has become so timid that we dare not enter our convictions in the open lists, to win or lose.

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    Re: POTUS 45.10 - Stage Two in Perpetuity

    Quote Originally Posted by ScoobyDoo View Post
    How so? The President of the United States has called attention to Kathy Griffin yet is silent on the Portland violence. In fact he's been silent on all violence in the United States (exception Chicago) that isn't Muslim extremism. He's sending a clear signal that Muslim bad, white guy good.

    I'm sure I could dig deeper and get more specific, but don't let that get in your way of taking a shot any chance you can get.

    I don't doubt that there is a minute percentage of people who feel it's on the same level, but I also think there will always be a minute percentage that are that irrational, no matter what the political affiliation.
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