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Thread: Just Because I'm Annoyed.......

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    Re: Just Because I'm Annoyed.......

    Quote Originally Posted by Russell Jaslow View Post
    Speaking of home field advantage, this was posted on the Oswego threat a few weeks ago in the D3 board:

    "Congrats to the SUNY Oswego Lakers who were given the greatest home-field advantage ever: inclement weather in Oswego has lead the cancellation of the 2017 SUNYAC Baseball Championships. The top-seeded Lakers will be crowned Champions by default, despite not playing a single game, and will receive the conference's AQ."
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    Re: Just Because I'm Annoyed.......

    I didn't watch all of each game but maybe 3/4 of the softball so far....the same adage that keeps the Gophers and Badgers and Bulldogs, and used to for the Sioux, coming back year after year to the FF, applied in these games....all the Minnesota/A-la-Bama games, and most of the other SEC games came down to knowing how to bat and play against better competition! I'm no fan of the SEC but when they play against each other all year, the best pitchers in the country, year in and out the best recruits go there......they get tough come the big games! I've heard it for how many years when BC loses....."they just don't see the level of competition that the WCHA does".......same thing here.....after that first battle, The Tide knew they had to wake up! The Gophers didn't have the horses for 3 games at that level......unfortunately! That's my story and I'm sticking to it.......🤙🤙🤙

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    Re: Just Because I'm Annoyed.......

    I don't recall the NCAA selection commitee ever sending the #1 ECAC or Hockey East champ to play the bottom WCHA team.
    That's what the conversation was about, the seeding.
    If you don't think home field is an advantage, then why do they even bother to seed teams giving them....
    home field advantage?
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    Re: Just Because I'm Annoyed.......

    Has anyone worked out the PWR implications of the Eastern Scheduling Alliance?

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