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Thread: POTUS 45.08: Suckers

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    Re: POTUS 45.08: Suckers

    You said "deplorables" referencing Trump voters. And Hillary was right, half of his supporters are deplorable. That the other half somehow feels she might have been referring to them speaks more about them than it does Hillary, or any other political group or media.

    If you're white working class and think Hillary might be referring to you as deplorable cause you like a good nigg&r or f@g joke now and again, perhaps you should do a little self-assessment instead of blaming someone else for your circumstance.
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    Re: POTUS 45.08: Suckers

    Quote Originally Posted by Kepler View Post
    Clearances automatically revoke* if you no longer have a position requiring them.

    (* Well, technically, they go dormant for a while unless your sponsoring organization actively pulls them.)

    I was hoping (recalled) that was the case. No buck-passing there. The Trump Admin had to have them reinstated/reactivated. They own it.
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