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Thread: UMaine Black Bears Recruiting

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    Re: UMaine Black Bears Recruiting

    Quote Originally Posted by umhockey91 View Post
    You just couldn't help yourself with another baseless attack, eh?
    See below. We all bleed Blue, my brother.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fishman'81 View Post
    My bad, no need for me to insult a fellow Bear. We all want the same thing here.
    I accept your apology.

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    Re: UMaine Black Bears Recruiting

    Bhall44, how did Roy do?
    "A fate that we deserved? Of course it is what we deserved. We played out there. If we screw up, who's fault is it? I don't blame the referees. I don't blame the other team. It is on us. We don't make any excuses and we don't let anyone else make excuses for us. Ever! Ever! And as long as I am the coach here that's how it's gonna be. And as long as I am the coach here the only thing we will accept is victory! Ties - we don't accept it. Losses - we don't accept it. Victory! Period!" - Red Gendron

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