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Thread: Norwich 2016-17 Season Thread: ISO first NEHC title

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    Re: Norwich 2016-17 Season Thread: ISO first NEHC title

    Quote Originally Posted by NU Pastime View Post
    Wasn't referencing anyone specifically. I think the hysteria by some fans last year was ridiculous, and said so at the time, so I understand some of the frustration. I also think it's completely legitimate to bring up some possible weaknesses of a team throughout the year, especially when it generates discussion on the forum.

    With that said, I think most of the regular Norwich posters here display a good amount of optimism/passion/support along with a general hockey knowledge that allows critique and discussion, mixed with with a good dose of humility. Makes it a good board to come to.
    Agree totally, I enjoy following the cadets this way and learn new things from 90% of the posters. The other 10%.... not so much!
    There is no right way to do the wrong thing. Go Cadets

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    Re: Norwich 2016-17 Season Thread: ISO first NEHC title

    Nice clip on WPTZ sport just a few moments ago. Congrats again !


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    Quote Originally Posted by KRBFLINT03 View Post
    Anyone who follows this board should know exactly why I post the snarky posts that I do...

    I was angry last offseason when a bunch of Norwich "fans" made knee jerk posts about the status of the program and whined about the "decline" and even stated that we'd been "passed by" by UMB, Babson, etc. I said they were wrong then, and they obviously were.

    I was angry when I posted that the Cadets would land a good freshman class and return to form and I was questioned and ridiculed. I said then that I knew what I was talking about, and I obviously did/do.

    I was angry mid-season when, using my eyes (not stats, not opponents' records) I said that this team was very good and legit. My opinion was mocked and a jabroni argued with me endlessly because he thinks his opinions (while valuable) are the only accurate ones (spoiler: they aren't).

    I was angry at our own fans whining about not receiving a bye, and I was angry when a blowhard Oswego fan insinuated that Norwich was "scared" to play them.

    I'm angry that some Norwich "fans" came on here to post last year about how the dynasty was over but haven't posted once this season.

    I consider this championship a big, fat middle finger to those who doubted Norwich one year ago. For that reason, it might be the sweetest one yet. I hope all the actual Cadet fans enjoy the hell out of this.
    Once again you are spot on. I guess the reason I don't read the between season dialogue on USCHO's fan forum is because it is full of such...dare I say it...Fake News. And one thing that really bugs me is all the chatter about what kid is committed to which school. I once had a few moments to chat with Mike McShane. And I happen to mention a new NU goalie candidate who had a particularly strong record on his old team. He smiled and replied,"They all arrive with great credentials." That goalie didn't make it.

    So I guess the only thing you might have left out of you critic of the NU nay sayer was last summers unsubstantiated "rumor" from an "unnamed source" that NU's AD Mariano had a summer long search to replace McShane after the 2016 season (I just made that up),

    You know McShane, he's the chap who just earned his fifth DIII Coach of Year Award to put next to the ones I believe he earned in DI. Carry on KRBFLINT03---i like your style.
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