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Thread: Goodbye, Lord Jeff

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    Re: Goodbye, Lord Jeff

    Quote Originally Posted by GB Puck Fan View Post

    Amherst chose the mascot after voting by alumni, students, faculty, and staff. Close to half of the 9,295 votes were cast for the mammoth, school officials said. The vanquished finalists were the Fighting Poets, Purple and White, Valley Hawks, and Wolves.
    Awfully close to Jumbos....isn't it ??


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    Re: Goodbye, Lord Jeff

    Quote Originally Posted by Birdwatcher View Post
    Awfully close to Jumbos....isn't it ??
    Both sound like good names for roadside dive burger joints.

    I'll have the Mammoth/Jumbo burger with fried onions, please... large fries and a vanilla shake.
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