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Meh. We will never know what's true and what was exaggerated or just flat out made up by the governments who are trying to get him. There are entire departments at each major nation spy service working 24/7 to slime the guy.

He's a disappointment, yeah, but put the Virgin Mary in that position and they'd gin up stories about her to make your hair curl. He's a huge threat to some extremely bad actors.
A disappointment? The guy is a fraud, a liar and a cheat who sold out his own beliefs so he could pretend his dick gets hard knowing some Russian Oligarchs. What Wikileaks started out as and what it is now is a joke and I guarantee the skeletons in his closet are abundant. Governments wont need to frame him...

The second he started choosing sides (it used to be about truth and openess) was the moment it became clear he was never about making things transparent, he was about Julian and his Trump sized ego.