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Thread: Travel Part 2 - Where ya headed?

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    Re: Travel Part 2 - Where ya headed?

    In Nola for the week visiting family. Nothing big planned-enjoy the nice spring air, some walks, local festival or two, prob some music. We drove, so we plan to stop in Springfield on the way back to visit the Lincoln library, and I'm looking forward to that. Anyone here been there and have an idea how much time we should plan to spend there?

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    Re: Travel Part 2 - Where ya headed?

    a word of advice for travelers to higher altitude places like switzerland etc. If you bought trip insurance, at least on that stuff sold by Allianz, it is void for any activity over 8000 ft. so read the fine print carefully. my policy said, void for mountain climbing or other high altitude activities. the definition of which was anything over 8000 ft. I was able to find another policy but you have to be careful.
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