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Thread: Northeast Regional Final: BC vs. tUMD

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    Re: Northeast Regional Final: BC vs. tUMD

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    i was there and got home at 12:30 AM. All these people dumping on the fans of the team that was 6th in the nation in attendance and if people think we dont travel, try going to a BC away in conference game and see how many fans are wearing Maroon and Gold.............or go to the Beanpot and see students filling 5 balcony sections
    The Bean Pot is played in Boston - no travel required for your fan base. Further, you play in Hockey East. Your farthest conference opponent, sans Maine, can't be more than a three hour drive from Boston. It's over three hours from Duluth to Mankato and they are in the same state. No excuses.
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    How do they expect us to throw hotdogs at the gophers with that [Expletive deleted] net in front of us?

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