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Thread: Summer Hockey on Cape Cod

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    Summer Hockey on Cape Cod

    If you are looking for a way to keep skating during the summer and will be in the Cape Cod area, take a look at the Falmouth Adult Hockey League. . Good summer league with a mix of active DIII, former college players and former high school players. Take a look at the alumni page to get a feel for the level players. Teams are selected by draft to ensure competitive teams. Deadline for registration is June 1. You can email me for more info at Competitive but lots of fun.

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    Re: Summer Hockey on Cape Cod

    Hi, I am wondering where I can find information about an adult winter league. I will just be there for the winter, staying in one of the discounted cape cod vacation rentals during the winter months. I am open to both recreational or competitive. I just want to play! Any info would be great. Thanks!
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