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Thread: USCHO Women's D-I awards

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    USCHO Women's D-I awards

    Hey gang:

    I know that we are all mourning the loss of the Niagara program, but on a happier note, we are bringing back the women's USCHO Awards. Look tomorrow for player of the year. Also to come this week are coach of the year, rookie of the year, and All-USCHO First, Second and Third teams, as well as All-Rookie team.
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    Re: USCHO Women's D-I awards

    You mean this travesty?


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    Re: USCHO Women's D-I awards

    First Team
    F: Brianna Decker, Wisconsin, Jr.
    F: Jocelyne Lamoureux, North Dakota, Jr.
    F: Amanda Kessel, Minnesota, So.
    D: Megan Bozek, Minnesota, Jr.
    D: Monique Lamoureux-Kolls, North Dakota., Jr.
    G: Florence Schelling, Northeastern, Sr.

    Second Team
    F: Hilary Knight, Wisconsin, Sr.
    F: Rebecca Johnston, Cornell, Sr.
    F: Bailey Bram, Mercyhurst, Sr.
    D: Laura Fortino, Cornell, Jr.
    D: Tara Watchhorn, Boston University, Sr.
    G: Noora Räty, Minnesota, Jr.

    Third Team
    F: Natalie Spooner, Ohio State, Sr.
    F: Carolyne Prévost, Wisconsin, Sr.
    F: Jenn Wakefield, Boston University, Sr.
    D: Blake Bolden, Boston College, Jr.
    D: Montana Vichorek, Bemidji State, Sr.
    D: Zuzana Tomcikova, Bemidji State, Sr.

    (Honorable Mentions: Haley Irwin, Minnesota-Duluth, Sr., F; Brianne Jenner, Cornell, So., F; Jen Schoullis, Minnesota, Sr., F; Jessica Wong, Minnesota-Duluth, Jr., D; Alex Rigsby, Wisconsin, So., G; Genevieve Lacasse, Providence, Sr., G)

    All-Rookie Team
    F: Kendall Coyne, Northeastern
    F: Michelle Karvinen, North Dakota
    F: Rebecca Vint, Robert Morris
    D: Molly Byrne, Mercyhurst
    D: Brigette Lacquette, Minnesota-Duluth
    G: Carmen MacDonald, St. Lawrence

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    Re: USCHO Women's D-I awards

    Our Coach of the Year: Paul Colontino of Robert Morris.
    'Cuz they beat Mercyhurst a couple times?

    I think someone got hosed.
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    Re: USCHO Women's D-I awards

    Quote Originally Posted by Golden Tuuk View Post
    You mean this travesty?

    Instead of just calling it a travesty, why don't you tell us what mistakes were made and who shouldn't be on it and who should?

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    Re: USCHO Women's D-I awards

    Quote Originally Posted by PrincetonFan View Post
    Instead of just calling it a travesty, why don't you tell us what mistakes were made and who shouldn't be on it and who should?
    I assume that they want all eastern players removed since we are clearly inferior...

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