Huskies 2011/12

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  1. geezer
    So it's Muckalt and Whitten for assistants, then? I had to get out of the corrupted threads.
  2. Flashy Man
    Flashy Man
    Yes. We have set up in the Economics of Liechtenstein thread in the Cafe otherwise. But, if things get out of hand there we may have to fully move here.

    Updated WCHA salaries.
    Name School Salary Year
    Dean Blais Nebraska Omaha $250,000.00 2010-2011
    Don Lucia Minnesota $241,412.58 2009-2010
    Mike Eaves Wisconsin $236,005.00 2009-2010
    Dave Hakstol North Dakota $210,000.00 2009-2010
    George Gwozdecky Denver $190,000.00 Estimate
    Bob Motzko St Cloud State $174,135.98 2009-2010
    Scott Owens Colorado College $167,000.00 Estimate
    Troy Jutting Minnesota State $159,529.86 2009-2010
    Scott Sandelin Minnesota Duluth $170,000.00 2011-2012
    Tom Serratore Bemidji State $131,765.64 2009-2010
    Mel Pearson Michigan Tech $275,000.00 2011-2012
    Dave Shyiak Alaska Anchorage $110,000.00 2009-2010
  3. bigblue_dl
    Yeah, I don't know if they're going to infect that one or not, but I thought it was worth a try. At least if that works the thread pops up in the user CP, I don't know if they do with this dicussion, but I'll see soon enough.
  4. Hammer
    So now we're going to be able to have an intelligent conversation?
  5. bigblue_dl
    Yeah, this private thread doesn't pop up in the user CP when someone posts. That could get annoying.
  6. bigblue_dl
    I think the Liechtenstein thread is going to work. They know about it but don't post there because they think they're right. We can only hope it stays this way. I think this is a hint that they aren't actually another poster playing a prank, if it was foxton he/she would have started posting in the new thread.
  7. geezer
    It's definitely not Foxton. It's one or two goofball locals, the people that give yoopers a bad name. YooperUP was around a few years ago for awhile, with a slightly different name.
  8. nmupiccdiva
    YooperUP has also found his way in to the NMU thread. However, he doesn't have a counterpart over there, so he's been ignored for the most part.
  9. bigblue_dl
    They definitely aren't the same person either, I went back and tracked when they each posted and where, there are signs that indicate that it is 2 different posters. They know about Tom Reid's so indications are that they have actually left the UP at some point in their lives.
  10. Hammer
    Well, the good news is, if they wander into the Cafe thread and start their bull**** there, you can lock it down easily.
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